28.3.1 Preparation of Specification

Requesting Units prepare the document for Specification (defined at 28.8) that specifies the contents of procuring goods, services or construction and duties clearly in the contract, to communicate with the vendor and to ensure the fulfilment of the contract at each procurement. Price information for vendor selection must be obtained after providing vendors with the Specification. However, when the procurement does not exceed 1.5 million JPY and it is able to specify the contents of the procurement clearly without the Specification, the preparation of Specification may be omitted. Specification Formulation for Large-scale equipment
In cases of the procurement of large-scale equipment (research equipment etc.) which exceeds 50 million JPY, the Specification must be prepared in compliance with the procedure stipulated at 28.5.2, Detailed Stipulations on the Procurement of Large-scale Equipment. Method of preparation of Specification for the enterprise applications is also stipulated in Chapter 17, at 17.5.7. Formulation of Specification
At formulation of Specification, it would be important to make preparation considering competitiveness through collecting information in the market regarding the prospective goods or services. In addition, except for the special procedures as stipulated at, the Budget Holders of Requesting Units and final approvers of Purchase Requests have accountability on net specification formulation including selection of products or services.

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