25.1 Policy


The University undertakes to provide housing on campus for approximately half of its academic population. The objective is to provide housing for all incoming students during their first year at the University, and for most incoming researchers and faculty, to ease their transition to life in Okinawa and at the University. The expectation is that some students, faculty and researchers will choose instead to live off campus. When no appropriate on campus housing is available for an employee or student, and if the University identifies the employee as one who should reside adjacently to the campus to accomplish her/his duty, the University may rent off campus housing for the employee, which is designated in advance by the University. This policy enables the University to provide sufficient housing and related facilities for incoming members of the academic population, while still providing business opportunities for Okinawa developers, landlords and real estate companies to benefit from the presence of the University and its researchers in Okinawa.


Campus housing is made up of a mix of apartments and houses intended to cater to a range of academic residents, from single students sharing an apartment, to researchers and faculty members who have partners and children living with them.


Housing and related welfare facilities are designed to make life comfortable for residents from a wide range of nationalities, backgrounds and age-groups. The buildings are designed to suit the climate and environment of the campus, within the limits of the budget available for their development.


All academic members of the University population are eligible to apply for residence in on-campus housing. Executives are also eligible to live on campus, but administrative staff are offered on-campus housing only by exception.


Housing is provided on a subsidized basis for those who are eligible to rent subleased housing. In principle, the subleased housing residents are responsible for 20% of the rent amount of their housing, with the balance provided by the University, subject to established limits. Those who are not eligible to rent subleased housing shall pay full amount of rent.

25.1.6 Residents are responsible for all utility costs incurred in their apartments or houses.

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