20.3.1 OIST Clinic Director of the OIST Clinic
The Secretary General appoints a doctor as a director from the full time doctors who belong to OIST Clinic. The director has the responsibility to manage the clinic, ensure good governance procedures are in place and provide supervision where required Custodian of cash at OIST Clinic
The Secretary General appoints a member of staff as the custodian of cash at OIST Clinic and the custodian takes the responsibility for cash which OIST Clinic collects from clients based on the rules which are defined in the following section (PRP Cashier at OIST Clinic
The custodian of cash at OIST Clinic shall be authorized to designate a Cashier at OIST Clinic from among the personnel in the OIST Clinic and mandate the personnel to engage in managing the accounting and managing the cash which OIST Clinic collects. Fee for medical care
OIST clinic charges clients fees for medical care after the treatment, based on the price calculated by the method and the standards decided by the President of the University (in consultation with relevant parties).  Clients who have received medical care at the OIST Clinic have a responsibility to pay the fee for the medical care provided in cash (Japanese yen only) to the OIST Clinic in a timely manner.

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