2.7 Use & Management of Seals

2.7.1 Definition

In this paragraph, the meanings of the terms listed in the following items are as prescribed respectively in those items.

(i) Official seal

A seal used for documents such as contracts and agreements created by the University, and the purpose of which is to certify the authenticity of such documents by affixing the seal.

(ii) Signature

A document created by the University, such as a contract or agreement, is signed by an employee who has the authority to create the document on his or her behalf for the purpose of certifying that the document is authentic.

(iii) Digital signature

A digital signature as defined in Article 2, Paragraph 1 of the Act on Electronic Signatures and Certification Business (Act No. 102 of 2000), whose use is intended to have the same effect as an official seal.

(iv) Electronic contract system

An information system or information service that can objectively verify the conclusion of a contract by digital means such as digital signatures or time stamps, and that enables the conclusion of a contract by digital means through the exchange of digital information via a communication line.

(v) Official seal, etc.

Refers to those listed in the following items.

a. Official seal

b. Signature

c. Digital signature

d. Electronic contract system

2.7.2 Production and Custody  Any of University/Corporation’s official seals and digital signatures shall be produced by the Secretary General and registered in a registry (Official Seal Registry) developed and maintained by the Secretary General. Any of the University/Corporation’s official seals and digital signatures are in the custody of the Secretary General or the officials that are registered in the Official Seal Registry with an approval of the Secretary General(hereinafter referred to as “Official Seals Management Supervisor”). Any official seals, etc. shall be kept with utmost care in accordance with the guidelines developed by the Secretary General (hereinafter referred to as “Guidelines for Management of Official Seals.”).

2.7.3 Use of Seals, etc.

The Official Seals Management Supervisor shall follow the provisions of the Guidelines for Management of Official Seals. when using official seals. Copy of Seal Impression

With a prior approval by the Secretary General, the impression of official seals may be copied or electronically inserted, when issuing standardized documents, such as ID cards and certifications or issuing a large number of documents with the same contents. Signatures

A signature by a person authorized to create a document may be used to verify the authenticity of the document in substitution for official seals.

2.7. 3.3 Digital Signature

A digital signature may be used in place of a regular seal or signature provided that the other party to a contract or agreement can be signed by a digital signature and that there is an agreement between the University and the other party to that effect. Electronic Contract System

If the electronic contract system used by the University (such systems that meet the technical and legal requirements of the University and are used by the University as standard. However, excluding general-purpose information systems such as e-mail) is used for entering into contracts and agreements, it is not necessary to use official seals, signatures, or digital signatures. However, when using an electronic contract system used by the other party to a contract or agreement, a contract or agreement may be entered into only if the conditions specified in the  Guidelines for Management of Official Seals. are met.


2.7. 3.5 Omission of Official Seals

Affixing official seals may be omitted if specified in the Guidelines for Management of Official Seals.

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