2.2 Board of Governors

The ultimate authority and responsibility for the management and operation of the OIST School Corporation lies with the Board of Governors (“BOG”)The BOG appoints a President for the OIST Graduate University.  The President of the University serves as the CEO of the Corporation, pursuant to the SC Bylaws. The BOG appoints the Senior Level Executive who serves as the Vice-CEO of the Corporation, in accordance with the SC Bylaws. The SC Bylaws and the Rules for the Operation of the Board of Governors specify the purpose and activities of, and topics to be decided by the BOG. In general, the matters to be decided by the BOG concern management and operation of the School Corporation and the University. In particular, the BOG is required each fiscal year to review and approve the annual budget and business plan for the Corporation, which will have been prepared by the CEO/President, Vice-CEO, Provost, Secretary General, and Vice-Presidents in consultation with University faculty and staff. In all of its endeavors, the subjects to be deliberated may be accompanied by reports/opinions of the Board of Councilors.


The Board of Governors has an Office of the BOG. Executive Secretary to the BOG acts as the Secretariat and works for the Chair of the BOG with the responsibilities for preparing agendas and papers for meetings, serving sub-Committees created by the BOG, managing the affairs of the BOG, and coordinating the activities with the Senior Level Executives and Faculty Council.

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