14.4 Ownership of Intellectual Property


Unless provided otherwise in this Policy or agreed otherwise in writing by the Executive Vice President for Technology Development and Innovation, the University shall own all Intellectual Property conceived, created, developed, or first reduced to practice by Policy Subjects in connection with their University responsibilities or with More Than Incidental Use Of University Resources. Policy Subjects shall assign such Intellectual Property to the University by way of (i) a general assignment included to the agreement establishing their relationship with the University; or (ii) at the University's request, a specific assignment agreement.


The contribution of a third party to the development of any University IP may result in such University IP being co-owned by the University and the third party or his/her employer. The terms applying to the ownership, protection and maintenance costs (e.g., patent filing costs) and income distribution of such University IP shall be agreed contractually between the University and the co-owner(s) on an ad hoc basis, in accordance with 14.6.1.


The University does not claim copyrights in the authored works of its Policy Subjects (such as books, articles, video clips, webinars, theses, papers, novels, poems, musical compositions, and similar works), which are solely intended to disseminate the results of academic research and scholarship, except (i) authored works created at the direction of the University for a specific University purpose; and (ii) software and databases.


Although the University intends to respect moral rights conferred by applicable laws on the Creator of a research-related authored work, such Creator shall not be entitled to claim moral rights on such authored work against the University and its designees.

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