6.4. Responsibilities

6.4.1 Responsibilities of Users

Users of the Library must respect the physical and electronic online environment of the Library and the rights of other users.  Users are responsible for ensuring that they correctly check borrowed material out, and that they return such material at the appropriate time.  Users will be asked to pay for the replacement or repair of material and equipment that is unreasonably damaged or rendered unusable. Users should follow designated procedures for use of electronic media and software so as not to damage or infringe on the use by others.  Users should obey copyright regulations and restricted use rules.

6.4.2 Responsibilities of Library Staff

Library staff will be available to assist patrons in the use of the physical and electronic collections, and to maintain the University Collection in a suitable condition for such use.  Library staff are responsible for day-to-day activities of the library such as inventory control, book and journal shelving, and ensuring security of the Collection.  Library staff are responsible for ensuring that library policies for fair use are observed.  Library staff provide training and assistance in the use of Library collections for users.

6.4.3 Responsibilities of the Librarian

The Librarian is responsible for the daily operation of the Library, maintenance and development of the Collection, maintenance and training in information management required to support the electronic databases and online resources of the Library, and the interaction of the Library with other libraries and institutions.  The Librarian is responsible for performance of the Library staff, for managing the budget allocated to the library, and for negotiating with suppliers and agents of publishers to purchase new books and journal subscriptions.  

6.4.4 Responsibilities of the Library Director

The Library Director is responsible for overall operation and management of the Library. The Library Director will supervise library staff and evaluate performance of the Librarian. The Library Director oversees the assets of the library and operates within the approved library budget. The Library Director has authority for making decisions for library related issues and policies. The Library Director will meet with the Library Committee at least twice a year to obtain recommendations regarding operation of the Library and new purchases/deletions for the Collection.  

6.4.5 Responsibilities of the Library Committee

The Library Committee  meets at least twice a year to provide advice on the operation of the Library.  This includes addition and deletion of books, journals, databases, and other materials as required by new faculty or new directions of research at the University and on the best use of the Library budget.  The Library Committee reports at least once a year on Library activities to the Faculty Assembly.Details on Library Committee are stipulated separately by the Library Director.

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