5.6 Special Student Categories

Further to students of the OIST PhD program, OIST also welcomes students who are attending OIST for educational purposes, but not seeking the OIST degree, as Special Students. The Graduate School aims to ensure an optimal experience for all students at OIST and provides various kinds of support for students in the following categories:

5.6.1 Special Research Students

Graduate students of other universities, when permitted by their institution (referred to as the “partner institution”), may apply to become a Special Research Student at OIST. Under the terms of an agreement with the partner institution, Special Research Students may receive research guidance at OIST.

5.6.2 Research Interns

Students enrolled at undergraduate or Master’s programs in universities, colleges, junior colleges, and vocational schools in Japan or overseas, or graduates of such institutions may undertake educational activity at OIST as a Research Intern. A research internship at OIST provides students with experience working in a research environment under the direction of OIST faculty.

5.6.3 Visiting Research Students

Visiting Research Students are registered students of another institution who wish to undertake a period of research at OIST under the supervision of an OIST faculty member. Visiting Research Students collaborate on a recognized and defined research project.

5.6.4 Visiting Students

Visiting Students are registered students of another university who wish to take one or more courses offered by the OIST Graduate School, or to undertake an administrative internship at OIST, for credit at their home university.

5.6.5 Course Auditors

Members of the OIST community and students of other universities (the latter where a specific agreement exists) may apply to become Course Auditors of specific courses. Course Auditors may attend courses as a normal student. The Graduate School does not award credit or recognition for courses audited.

5.6.6 Junior Research Fellows

Junior Research Fellows are OIST PhD graduates who, with the approval of their former thesis supervisor, may finalize their research project following degree conferral. The maximum duration of a Junior Research Fellowship is 3 months in principle.

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