36.3 Responsibilities

36.3.1 All employees to whom the PE program applies

All employees to whom the PE program applies must develop a set of goals, in collaboration with their supervisors, at the beginning of each evaluation period in accordance with  the Employee Evaluation Implementation Regulations.


36.3.2 Supervisors.

Supervisors are responsible for evaluating their staff in accordance with the Employee Evaluation Implementation Regulations. Supervisors are expected to engage in on-going communication with their staff and to provide feedback and coaching throughout the evaluation period.


36.3.3 Certifiers

Certifiers are responsible for ensuring that evaluations are conducted fairly and in a consistent manner. Certifiers must make adjustments in evaluation results if necessary for that purpose.


36.3.4 Vice President for Human Resource (VPHR)

Vice President for Human Resource (VPHR) provides the Employee Evaluation Implementation Regulations to implement the PE program, and is responsible for the management of the program. VPHR also prepares the Complaint Handling Guidelines.


36.3.5 Human Resource Division

The Human Resource Division is responsible for implementing the Performance Evaluation program. The Human Resource Division must provide employees, supervisors, and Certifiers with necessary training and guidance for the Performance Evaluation. The Human Resource Division is also responsible for developing and managing the complaint procedures and for handling complaints in accordance with those procedures.

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