3.5 Academic Program Evaluations

3.5.1 Basic Policy

The University will conduct regular assessments of education, research and results leading to technological developments. This will entail the review of organizational operation, facilities and equipment, and the release and dissemination of the research results and technologies and patents to the public.

3.5.2 Method

Assessment will be conducted regularly, based on the criteria set in advance, in regards to the goals of the University.

3.5.3 Structure for Assessment and Evaluation

The University will have an ongoing internal procedure of periodic review and assessment by committees of experts from the best universities in the world. In addition to this internal assessment, an external evaluation will be conducted by a third-party evaluation organization accredited by the government.

3.5.4 Publication and Utilization of the Results

The University will summarize the results of the external evaluation as a report to the Board of Governors, which has the responsibility for disseminating the report appropriately. The Board will deliberate on the results and use them to improve the education, research, technology impact and management of the University. Such results will be made publicly available by means of the University’s web site and other publications.

3.5.5 Major Evaluation Items

Major evaluation items include:

  • Purpose of the University
  • Research results
  • Technology impact
  • Organization for education and research
  • Faculty and supporting staff
  • Student admission
  • The contents and methods of education
  • Educational performance
  • Student support
  • Facilities and equipment
  • System(s) to improve the quality of education
  • Finance
  • Management

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