26.3.6 Compensation Liability

Officers and staffs of the Corporation (“officers and staffs”) shall comply with the laws and ordinances that are applied (mutatis mutandis) to the financial and accounting affairs of the Corporation and these Regulations, and perform their duties with the care of a good manager. In the event that any officer or staff causes, either intentionally or by gross negligence, any damages to the Corporation in violation of 26.3.6, the officer or the staff causing such damages shall be liable to compensate such damages. Report of Loss, etc.
Any loss or extinguishment of or damage to any of the Corporation’s money, securities, fixed assets or any other assets shall be reported to the CEO/President, by the officer causing such damages if such damages are caused by an officer, or by the head of the department to which the staff causing such damages belongs if such damages are caused by a staff. Determination of Compensation Liability and Compensation Order
The CEO/President shall determine the existence or non-existence of liability to compensate under and hereof and the amount thereof.

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