23.3 Responsibilities

23.3.1 All the employees and students

All employees and students are required to report any non-compliance with the University policies as well as Japanese laws, regulations, rules or regulatory controls which apply to activities of the University, based on a rational ground and in good faith. Also, employees and students are expected to be truthful and cooperative in an investigation regarding suspected misconduct.

All employees and students are required to complete the orientation programs before they start working at the University, and also attend periodical training sessions to ensure compliance with the rules concerning appropriate use of research funds including operating expense subsidy and competitive research funding. In the course of these compliance training sessions, employees are asked to confirm their understanding and agreement to observe the rules that apply to the University.

23.3.2 President/CEO

The President/CEO is the Chief Administrative Officer for all aspects of the prevention and investigation of misconduct. The President/CEO will fully inform employees and students that they have responsibility to report misconduct and where the contact points for reporting. Also, the President/CEO shall promptly review reported cases and draw a conclusion.

23.3.3 Provost and Dean of Faculty Affairs

The Provost is a contact point for reporting the public research fund misuse. The Dean of Faculty Affairs is the General Administrative Officer over the response and investigation of the misconduct in research activities, and is a contact point for reporting the misconduct in research activities. Also, under the instruction of the President/CEO, the Provost and the Dean of Faculty Affairs provide instructions to relevant departments and offices and makes inquiry to verify details of a reported case.

23.3.4 Secretary General

The Secretary General is in charge of responses to Retaliation Complaints. Also, the Secretary General responds to concerns about retaliation or unfair treatment against whistleblowers who have reported misconduct, in cooperation with the people in charge of the concerned case. The Secretary General is the General Administrative Officer over the response and investigation of the public research fund misuse, and have substantial responsibility and authority to oversee the entire institution for the management and management of public research funds.

23.3.5 Chief Internal Audit Officer

The Chief Internal Audit Officer is a contact point for whistleblowing concerning any activity that violates Japanese laws or regulations, Bylaws, University Rules or PRPs (excluding those relating to public research fund misuse, harassment and other disputes) and is in charge of the investigation. Also, the Chief Internal Audit Officer is an administration of contact points for confidential or anonymous reporting (hotline). Also, the Chief Internal Audit Officer coordinates relavant departments and offices to ensure that they handle reports in compliance with predetermined procedures and cooperate with each other. If there is any potentially serious non-compliance with legal or regulatory provisions, the Chief Intenal Audit Officer will coordinate communication between the President/CEO, the Board of Governors and Auditors.

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