21.2 General Considerations


University property and facilities are valuable public assets, such that the University’s Common Spaces will be made available to the public as well as to University personnel to serve broader community purposes.


University resources may never be used for personal gain as a general rule. However, use of Common Spaces for Non-University Purpose may be permitted pursuant to the PRP 21 and rules referred to by the statements in this chapter.


University resources may not be used by external persons (either individuals or corporations) except for use by visitors whose acceptance has been approved by the University. However, the use by external persons may be permitted if the President/CEO (Vice President for Buildings and Facility Management or University Community Services Director  in the case of University’s Common Spaces; Provost in the case of University’s Research Facilities and Related Services) authorizes the use in advance. University may charge internal and external users for the partial use of the University’s buildings or use of the University’s research facilities or services. Apart from the above, the use by external persons may also be permitted on a contract basis if the purpose of the use is to provide welfare programs to University students, faculty and staff members or to entrust the work of the University. The University may allow external vendors to sell foods, agricultural products, etc. within the campus and to use resources of the University for such sales for the purpose of providing high-quality and  affordable meals at the campus to contribute to enhancing the welfare of the faculty, staff members, and students. Please referred to "Guidelines for Sales of Food and Agricultural Products at Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University" for more information. The procedures and usage charges for a partial use of the University’s buildings are stipulated separately. The procedures and usage charges for a use of research facilities or services are stipulated in OIST Graduate University Rules for External Use of Research Facilities, Equipment and Services.

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