17.4.1 The University

The University owns and controls all its information assets. Though the University takes reasonable security measures to protect the security of its IT resources, the University does not guarantee absolute security nor privacy. The University has the right to monitor any and all IT Resources and their usage, including e-mail, without limitation. The University is responsible for taking any measures necessary to ensure the security and integrity of its IT Resources. When it becomes aware of violations of policy or Japanese law, either through routine system administration activities or via incident notification, it is the responsibility of the University to investigate as needed or directed, and to take all necessary actions in order to protect its resources and/or to provide information relevant to an investigation.

In this regard, the Chief Information Officer (CIO) [Link: 17.4.5], Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) [Link: 17.4.6], and Operation and Support Section Manager have specific rights and responsibilities.

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