15.1 Policy

The Okinawa Institute of Science & Technology Graduate University (University) is internationally known for excellence in education, research, and scientific and technological innovation. The University name (and abbreviated names) and its associated marks, trademarks, logos, and symbols, and like identifying images (collectively, the "names and marks") are internationally recognized and represent the high caliber of our faculty, students, and staff. The names and marks convey the quality, breadth, and depth of the University's accomplishments. This Policy is intended to protect the unique identification and reputation of the University.

The University is the owner of its names and marks, which are among its most valuable assets. Faculty, students and staff share in the benefits associated with the University's name and marks, and therefore also share responsibilities concerning their use.

Detailed information and instructions concerning the University’s Trademark Use Policy, and its Trademark Licensing Program, can be obtained from the Technology Transfer Section. See also Chapter 14, Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer.

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