21.4.1 Persons Seeking to Use University Resources

Persons seeking to use University buildings and facilities must make reservations and obtain any other approvals (Chapter 21.5.1). The President or delegate shall maintain administrative policies and procedures to implement this policy, define permissible uses, set contracting guidelines, ensure appropriate property and facility management, and establish scheduling priority of University property and facility use. Personnel responsible for making reservations for university-related purposes must reserve the venue via the University's room reservation system. Personnel responsible for making reservations for non-university purposes must seek permission from the Director of Recreation Services under University Community Services Director  prior to booking. University Community Services Director is authorized to determine, on a case-by-case basis, whether requested use of areas other than Common Spaces for a non-University purpose may be permitted. As for the External Use of Research Facilities and Services, instructions on the necessary procedure must be obtained from Director of Core Facilities.

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