20.2.1 OIST Clinic Name of the clinic
The clinic on campus is named as OIST Clinic. Providing medical care
OIST Clinic provides medical care which is at least equal to the level of care provided at general clinics in Japan to students, employees and their families. Health issues
OIST Clinic’s primary focus is providing an emergent response/first aid to individuals experiencing illnesses and injuries. This may involve assessing, diagnosing and treating certain illness or injuries and/or referring individuals on for further diagnostic assessments, consultations or treatments. If an illness or condition is chronic and for-instance requires continuous prescription we would typically refer individuals to an external medical facility. However, OIST Clinic will provide care and treatment if there is a sudden aggravation of a chronic illness/condition or if the person has difficulty using an external medical facility. Response outside of opening hours
Outside of standard opening hours, OIST Clinic will respond to requests from individuals provided it does not hinder our regular work. Admission facility
OIST Clinic does not have a facility to admit patients. Confidentiality
OIST Clinic handles personal information which may come to our knowledge in the course of work with the utmost care. We do not release the information without the consent from the person unless it has a reasonable cause to do so, such as an emergency case.


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